Q: Are you a real guru?
A: If you lok the word “guru” up in the dictionary you’ll find:

  • (in Hinduism and Buddhism) A spiritual teacher, esp. one who imparts initiation
  • Each of the ten first leaders of the Sikh religion
  • An influential teacher or popular expert

I hope to be influential when it comes to names as I hope to provide a lot of helpful information to parents, siblings, friends, whoever! I don’t think you can be a certified guru, but I’d like to think that I am “real” seeing as I am human 🙂

Q: What does Mc/Mac & -son mean?
A: Mc/Mac (example: MacKayla) means son of ____, in my example it’d mean son of Kayla. Mc/Mac are usually often seen in surnames. -Son names also mean son of _______ and are also typically seen in surnames. In this day and age surnames are becoming increasingly popular and with it so are Mc/Mac & -son names. (Examples: McKayla, McKinley, MacKenzie, MacDonald; Emerson, Madison, Addison, or Ellison — For example, Ellison means “son of Ellis”)

Q: Does media influence baby names?
A: Yes, yes, yes! People often get their ideas from their favorite musicians, TV series, movie, song, or book. Some names that have recently become popular due to media are Audrina, Elena, Bentley, & Ezra.

Q: Do siblings need matchy names? (example: Jasper & Jasmine)
A: Not at all, they may be siblings but they have two completely different personalities and many other differences. This goes for multiples too! It’s just fine to have a Jasper & a Siobhan.

Q: How many middle names are too many?
A: Typically, a child’s middle name is rarely used except on legal documents. When they need to fill out documents that require their middle name(s) it’d be nice if they all fit! I usually recommend 1-2 middle names but it’s completely up to a parent many they want to use if they even want to use any at all!


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