About BNG

First off, I am a real person with a real hobby. It may not be playing guitar, styling hair, painting, or a certain sport but it does take up some time in my day to research names, their meanings and etymology along with creating a few “perfect” combos. I know I’m not the only name nerd in this entire planet and certainly not the first person to make a blog about their hobby — even if it’s NAMES. I hope people enjoy reading this blog whether they classify themselves as name nerds or not, and if I somehow help somebody along the way than my work is done!

I frequent the baby names section on Yahoo! Answers and try to give my advice whenever possible, but if someone has any trouble finding the perfect name and doesn’t use Y!A I’d be happy to help out. Even if you think your question is too much work, the more detail the easier it is for me to help you out! Feel free to send an e-mail to


4 Responses to "About BNG"

Hi, thank you for adding my site to your blog roll I have done the same for you. No your not the only name nerd I am one too, I am also in the baby name section of yahoo answers all the time, LOL its my guilty pleasure. Anyway THANKS!

No problem, thank you aswell! 🙂

Great site!

Thank you! I’m glad you think so 🙂

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