Name of the day: Kali

Posted on: September 2, 2011

Today’s name of the day is Kali, which is influenced by my little cousin Kali. This name has a lot of powerful meaning, and should not be taken lightly whether you’re Hindu, or of any other religion, or of no religion at all. I’m personally atheist, but I still think it’s a kickass name 😉

Gender: Feminine
Usage: Indian, Hinduism
Pronunciation: KAL-ee, KAH-lee

This name comes from the Hindu Goddess, Kali, who is known as the goddess of “eternal energy; time & death” She is usually seen as dark and violent, although this really isn’t the case. There are many myths of Kali, there is the maternal Kali myth:  Another myth depicts the infant Shiva calming Kali. In this similar story, Kali again defeated her enemies on the battlefield and began to dance out of control, drunk on the blood of the slain. To calm her down and to protect the stability of the world, Shiva is sent to the battlefield, as an infant, crying aloud. Seeing the child’s distress, Kali ceases dancing to take care of the helpless infant. She picks him up, kisses his head, and proceeds to breast feed the infant Shiva. This myth depicts Kali in her benevolent, maternal aspect; something that is revered in Hinduism, but not often recognized in the West. There is also another Myth I recently heard but am having trouble finding online.. I don’t know exactly how to tell it, as I forget how it came about. She was killing something with her sword but each time the blood would spill to the ground, another creature/monster would form so she started drinking the blood from the heads she would cut off to save the Earth from the creatures. Whatever happened next, she had to dance upon Shiva to save the world and she danced so hard that she threw the Earth off, which started “evolution” as we know it, and this is why she is seen as violent and destructive.. But the Maternal myth shows the other side aswell. Please don’t quote me on these myths, I do not claim to belong to this religion or fully understand each myth, etc. It purely interests me, and I think my little cousin is a sweetheart!

Kali is not to be confused with the nickname Callie.
Kali is ranked #535 in the US.

Names that sound similar to Kali:

  • Callie (F; English)
  •  Kalidas (M; Indian)
  • Kalidasa (M; Indian)
  • Kalika (F; another form of the name Kali as the Goddess)
Kali is only 2-syllables, so it will probably sound good with just about any middle name. I do however usually try to mix the syllables up, so I like these combos:
  • Kali Narcissa
  • Kali Madeline
  • Kali Cecilia
  • Kali Olivia
  • Kali Sophia
  • Kali Arabella
  • Kali Rosalind
  • Kali Emmeline
  • Kali Marcheline
I could post a song that has lyrics that would really explain Kali, but I’ll just post the lyrics. If you’re into metal, give it a lsiten but for now here are the lyrics!
(Dissection – Maha Kali) — (
Maha Kali, dark mother dance for me
Let the purity of your nakedness awaken me
Yours are the fires of deliverance which shall bring me bliss
Yours is the cruel sword which shall set my spirit free

Devourer of life and death who rule beyond time
In thy name I shall fulfil my destiny divine
Maha Kali, formless one, destroyer of illusion
Your songs forever sung, the tunes of dissolution

Kalika, black tongue of fire, embrace me
Make me one with your power for all eternity
Awaken within me the reflection of your flame
Kiss me with your bloody lips and drive me insane

Jai Kalika! Jai Kali!
Make me one with your power for all eternity
Maha Kali come to me

Smashana Kali, I burn myself for thee
I cut my own throat in obscene ecstasy
I make love to abominations, embrace pain and misery
Until my heart becomes the burning ground and Kali comes to me

O dark mother, hear me calling thee
Mahapralaya, bring to me
Through all illusions I shall see
I shall cremate this world and set my essence free

Jai Kalika! Jai Kali!
Without fear I will dance with death and misery
Maha Kali, come to me

“O Kali, thou art fond of cremation grounds
So I have turned my heart into one, that thou may dance there unceasingly.
O mother, I have no other fond desire in my heart.
Fire of a funeral pyre is burning there.”

[Female voice:]
Jai Maha Kali, Jai Ma Kalika
Jai Maha Kali, Jai Ma Kalika
Kali Mata, namo nama
Kali Mata, namo nama

Jai Kalika! Jai Kali!
At your left hand for endless victory
Maha Kali, come to me

Jai Kalika! Jai Kali!
Mahapralaya will set our spirits free
Maha Kali, come to me


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