Guilty Pleasure Names: Use it, or trash it?

Posted on: August 28, 2011

We all have ‘those’ names that we just love but can’t picture using on a human being, right? Or maybe they’re only a GP (guilty pleasure) because it’s too common, or too uncommon, or too hard to say/spell? For whatever reason, I really would like to know YOUR guilty pleasures and WHY they are GP’s!

The following are MY guilty pleasures, and why they are my GP names:

○ Girls:
Allegra: I think it’s a very pretty name, but it’s also the name of a popular allergy medication.
Seraphina: I’d use this as a possible middle name, but to me it’s too long to use as a first name since I *really* dislike the nickname Sera/Sarah.
Calliope: I think it’d be misspelled/mispronounced more times than enough, though I love the sound of it and the nickname ‘Callie’!
Freya: It’s the name of a Goddess, but even so most people hate it. I wouldn’t want my daughter to walk around with a name everybody hates!
Elowen: It’s too uncommon, and people often say it’s a “weird” name. I wouldn’t want my daughter having a “weird” name.
Penelope: It makes people think of a pig. Not a good connotation for a girl!
Arwen: Not enough history/etymology for me to use it, plus it’s too associated with Lord of The Rings (which I’ve honestly never watched..)
Artemis: Another goddess. I can’t see this name aging well or being read off of role call in college.
Aurélie: People often say it sounds like “orally” which is a huge teasing opportunity.
Alodia: Again, I think it’d be misspelled/mispronounced a lot.
Seren: Nobody seems to like it. Wouldn’t want her to feel like Bertha. (another name people often dislike)
Carys: I’ve seen it misspelled too often.
Primrose: I think this is pretty obvious.
Persephone: Can you tell that I like Greek mythology yet? If it wasn’t so associated, it’d be a lovely name.
Tallula: It’d be too hard for a child to say, plus it’d be misspelled/mispronounced just as often. Not to mention, people associate it with “Tallula does the Hula from Hawaii” and now think it’s an awful name.

○ Boys:
Atticus: It’s too associated and many people have stated it just sounds like you got it from the book you HAVE to read in high school.
Amadeus: No nicknames, pronunciation issues, etc.
Dexter: It’s either associated with a serial killer or Dexter’s laboratory. Myself, I got it from Dexter Holland! (The Offspring)
Matthias: “Thigh” stands out, could cause potential teasing especially if he’s a little overweight.
Sullivan: It’s the surname of a girl family friend, and too popular of a surname in my area to use as a given name.
Sterling: Sterling silver, and seems try-hard.
Ezekiel: Another name that nobody seems to like. Wouldn’t want him to bare a hated name!
Abijah: It’s too uncommon, too biblical for most people, and raises concern for misspellings/mispronunciations.
Aurelian: See Aurelia. Except, the male version!
Azariah: Some say it sounds too feminine, I think it may be misspelled a lot.
Cian: I adore this! But just so happens, EVERYONE outside of Ireland mispronounces it! (I’m Irish, but living outside of Ireland.)
Micaiah: Everyone thinks it’s a girls name.
Ambrose: Potential teasing “am-gross!”
Judas: I think this is pretty self explanatory!

Mock me if you will. If you like them, use it, I’m just saying I personally would not use it 🙂

On to the ‘use it’ or ‘trash it’ part… How do you know if a guilty pleasure name is usable? Ask around! People WILL let you know! Anonymous baby name forums are a great place to get opinions. If you have a GP name like Penelope, I’d say use it. But if it’s like Nunchuck.. I’d say trash it. It’s all up to personal opinion!


3 Responses to "Guilty Pleasure Names: Use it, or trash it?"

My GP names are GP names because they’re so outrageously crazy I could never EVER use any of them.

Renaissance Phia (Rena)
Bast Ma’at [muh-AHT]
Astrid Alkeste [AL-kehst-ee]
Raven Midnight
Story Xenia
Arwen Meiriona [mayr-ee-OH-nuh]
Ingrid Bjørn (Ini) [BYORN]
Artemis Athena

Anubis Ptah (Anu) [uh-NOO-bihs; TAH]
Pharaoh Ptolemy [TOL-em-ee]
Legend Rex
Shadow Kai
Chaos Blaze
Amenhotep Thoth (Amen)
Tutankhamen Seth

I’m a fantasy writer, so names like this appeal to me, but they’ll never exist outside of my novels.

Dexter, Seraphina and Sullivan are some of my favorite (non-GP) names! I love them!

Seren, Tallula, Primrose, Elowen, Arwen, Freya, Ezekiel & Cian are actually all some of my guilty pleasure names too!

My others would be:
•Clementine- its a fruit and people can’t seem to get past that.
•Poppy- people think its weird and they just don’t generally like it.
•Ottilie- all people seem to think its otter.
•Sloane- I love the name, but its either called a boys name or people thing immediately of Ferris Beullers Day Off, which is a good movie, but I don’t want to name her because of that.
•Valentine- I usually hear that this is a holiday, not a name for a little girl. Plus I hate the nicknames Val and Tina.
•Thisbe- I love it because of the story Pyramus & Thisbe. Its like the Romeo and Juliet before Shakespeare even wrote the story. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up. But people don’t really like the name.
•Dorothy- Its my grandmothers name. I love it, but I often get told its dated and ugly. I think Dottie is a cute nickname, but again people think its awful.
•Birdie- I love the name, but people think its stupid for obvious reasons.

•Breck- its a weird name, I’m not going to lie. People just don’t like it.
•Enoch- its one of those obscure biblical names and I love it, but its often mispronounced and misspelled.
•Casper- like the friendly ghost, yes. I think its a cool name though, but no one will get past the ghost thing.
•Gideon- no one likes it. I love it, but no one else does.
•Etienne- it means crown in French. Its a really handsome name in my opinion but most people think its a girls name and its rarely pronounced correctly.
•Hugh- people say is old-fashioned and old-manish. Though I disagree greatly.
•Shepherd- obvious reasons. Though I think Shep is a cool nn.
•Rune- like rune stones. its different, but is just considered weird by most.

So ya, thats about it.

I like Clementine, Poppy, Valentine (moreso for boys though) & Dorothy from your girls list, and Enoch, Gideon (which was recently added to my GP list not long ago!) & Hugh from the boys!

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