LONG girl names: 4+ Syllables

Posted on: July 21, 2011

Some people have trouble finding names that have 4 or more syllables for girls. I can understand that, so here are names (in order of the number of syllables) I found that have 4+ syllables. I’ll include rating and nicknames.

4 Syllables:
Adalia (8/10) “Ada, Addy, Dalia, Lia”
Adelina (10/10) “Ada, Addie, Adele, Del, Dellie, Della, Lena/Lina”
Adrianna (7/10) “Anna”
Alejandra (9/10) “Aly/Ally/Ali/Allie, Jandra, Andra”
Alexia (9/10) “Aly/Ally/Ali/Allie, Lex, Lexi, Lexia”
Alodia (9/10) “Aly/Ally/Ali/Allie, Lola, Dia”
Amalia (8/10) “Amy, Mal, Lia”
Amelia (10/10) “Amy, Mellie, Mia, Lia”
Angelica (9/10) “Ang, Angie, Lica”
Angelina (9/10) “Ang, Angie, Lee, Lina, Leah”
Annabella (10/10) “Ann, Anna, Annie, Belle, Bella, Elle, Ella, Ellie”
Antonia (8/10) “Ann, Anna, Annie, Toni, Nia”
Aphrodite (8/10) “Aph, Aphro, Dite”
Arabella (10/10) “Ari, Ara, Belle, Bella, Elle, Ella, Ellie”
Ariadne (10/10) “Ari, Aria, Adne”
Arianna (10/10) “Ari, Rianna, Ann, Anna, Annie”
Aurelia (10/10) “Auri, Aura, Rel, Rella, Rellie, Lia”
Azalea (8/10) “Aza, Lea/Lia”
Britannia (7/10) “Brit, Anna, Ann, Annie, Nia”
Calliope (10/10) “Cal, Callie, Lila”
Carolina (8/10) “Cara, Carol, Lia, Lina”
Catalina (8/10) “Cat, Thalia, Tally, Lina”
Christiana (7/10) “Chris, Chrissy, Tina, Tiana, Ann, Anna, Annie”
Cordelia (9/10) “Cora, Delia, Dee, Deedee, Lia”
Eliana (10/10) “Elle, Ella, Ellie, Lee, Lia, Ann, Anna, Annie”
Eliora (9/10) “Elle, Ella, Ellie, Lee, Lora”
Emilia (9/10) “Emme/Em, Emma, Mellie, Millie, Lee, Lia”
Evangeline (10/10) “Eve, Evie, Eva, Van, Ang, Angie, Lee, Lia, Elle, Ella, Ellie”
Evelina (10/10) “Eve, Evie, Eva, Ev, Elle, Ella, Ellie, Lina/Lena”
Felicity (8/10) “Lic, Lissy, Licity, City”
Gabriella (9/10) “Gab, Gabby, Brielle, Briella, Bri/Bree, Elle, Ella, Ellie”
Graciela (9/10) “Grace, Gracie, Elle, Ella, Ellie”
Henrietta (8/10) “Henri, Hattie, Etta, Ette”
Honoria (7/10) “Honor, Nora, Ria, Ree”
Iliana (8/10) “Illie, Il, Lee, Lia, Ann, Annie, Anna”
Isabella (9/10) “Izzy, Belle, Bella, Elle, Ellie, Ella”
Isadora (9/10) “Izzy, Dora, Sadie”
Josephina (7/10) “Josie, Phina, Ina”
Juliana (10/10) “Julie, Julia, Lia, Liana, Anna, Ann, Annie”
Katarina (8/10) “Kat, Trina, Rina, Tara”
Liliana (10/10) “Lil, Lily, Ann, Anna, Annie”
Luciana (9/10) “Lucy, Anna, Ann, Annie”
Madelina (8/10) “Mady/Maddie, Dell, Della, Dellie, Lina/Lena”
Magdalena (9/10) “Maggie, Meg, Dally, Dolly, Lena”
Magnolia (9/10) “Maggie, Nolia, Noa, Lia”
Natalia (10/10) “Nat, Tal, Tally, Tibby, Thalia, Lia”
Olivia (10/10) “Livy, Livia, Libby, Via”
Ophelia (10/10) “Ophie, Phelia, Fifi, Lia”
Penelope (10/10) “Penny, Piper, Poppy, Nelly”
Persephone (8/10) “Persie, Steph, Sephone”
Rosalia (10/10) “Rose, Rosa, Rosie, Salia, Sally, Lia”
Seraphina (10/10) “Sarah, Sadie, Phina”
Valeria (9/10) “Val, Ria”
Veronica (9/10) “Vera, Ronnie, Nick, Nikki”
Victoria (9/10) “Vicky, Tori”
Virginia (5/10) “Ginny”
Viviana (8/10) “Viv, Vivi, Ann, Annie, Anna”
Wilhelmina (9/10) “Wil, Willa, Helen, Mina/Mena”

5 Syllables:
Alexandria (10/10) “Alex, Alexa, Alexia, Xandra, Xandria, Andrea, Dree, Dria”
Anastasia (10/10) “Ann, Anna, Annie, Stacia, Stace”
Ekaterina (7/10) “Kat, Katerina, Trina, Rina”
Emiliana (8/10) “Emme/Em, Emma, Emily, Iliana, Liana, Anna, Ann, Annie”


I’m sure that there are plenty more names than I’ve listed, with more syllables, more nicknames, etc. These are mostly from the top of my head. Some names such as Anastasia have more syllables depending on how YOU pronounce it.. Anastasia could be 4 or 5 if you pronounce the end as sha/ja or sia. HOPEFULLY you’ve added atleast one of these names to your list, or liked at least one! Comments well 🙂 I’d especially love it if you commented/added more long girls names with 4+ syllables in your comment!


6 Responses to "LONG girl names: 4+ Syllables"

I really like Olivianna (5 syllables) and Eleonora [AY-lee-oh-Nore-uh] (5 syllables). I also like Azaria (4 syllables), Leilianna (4 syllables), Rosangelic (4 syllables). I have some long Irish favorites as well:
♦ Ailionora [AL-uh-nore-uh]
♦ Caitriona [(kah-TREE-uh-nuh]
♦ Conchobarre [kahn-koh-BAHR-uh]
♦ Eilinora [ell-uh-NORE-uh] << Basically an Irish spelling of Eleanora

Thanks for adding a few names! I’ve never seen Eleanora pronounced that way, I’ve only ever heard it as el-a-nor-a 🙂

Your welcome 🙂 Eleonora (with an ‘O’) is the Italian version of Eleanora, which is why it’s pronounced differently. I love both ♥

i want names that so long 😦 like 3 words above
and i want also those names sounds like a korea

Alessia is a great four sylable name 🙂

Elizabeth- Ellie, Eliza, Lizzy, Liza, Lisa, Liz, Beth, Lizbeth, Ella, Ezza, Lia, Libby, Ab, Abbie, Iza, Izzy, or Betha

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