Feminine Shakespearean Names

Posted on: July 15, 2011

I know I’m not updating as often as I should be, truth be told it’s been a rough few days. I apologize. I’ll try to update as often as possible. Today I’ll be doing.. SHAKESPEAREAN NAMES! I know they’re a popular thing among baby namers and today it will only be for the girls! I feel like I’ve been paying too much attention to boy names so here goes. I’ll even rate them 1-10 for you! (this is MY opinion, you may like names I don’t, and hate names I love!)

Adriana (8/10) I like this much better than Adrian/Adrienne as Adrian/Adrienne only sounds masculine to me.
Aemilia (7/10) It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, I just feel like it’d be misspelled/mispronounced quite a bit.
Alice (10/10) I think it’s classy, beautiful, elegant, and strong.
Anne (9/10) Again, I think it’s quite nice. I prefer it as a nickname (Annabel, Annette, etc.) though.
Audrey (10/10) Much like Alice, I think it’s classy, beautiful, elegant & strong.
Beatrice (9/10) I especially love this name as a middle name.
Bianca (9/10) beautiful.
Celia (9/10) I like it, though I prefer it as a nickname for Cecilia.
Constance (5/10) I prefer Constantia, Constance it’s my cup of tea.
Cordelia (7/10) I like this as a middle name, though I love that it’s nickname opportunities are both Cora & Delia.
Desdemona (4/10) I don’t like it that much at all.
Diana (9/10) I think it’s very pretty
Dorcas (1/10) It seems like a plea for teasing.
Emilia (10/10) stunning!
Francisca (8/10) I like it, but I prefer Francesca.
Gertrude (2/10) nothing appealing about this name.
Hecate (4/10) I don’t find it very feminine sounding, though the nickname Kate/Katie is nice.
Helen (5/10) Eh, this name is completely ruined for me. It’s nice, but awful woman.
Helena (5/10) See Helen.
Hermia (4/10) It reminds me of hermit, or hermit crabs.
Hermione (5/10) I think it’d be misspelled a lot. I’ve never watched/read Harry Potter so I’m not a crazed fan 😛
Hippolyta (4/10) Hungry, hungry HIPPO!
Imogen (9/10) Now this, is a bit of a GP 😉
Iris (9/10) I think it’s pretty.
Isabella (8/10) who doesn’t love this name? It loses points for being so popular.
Jaquenetta (3/10) dislike.
Jessica (8/10) It’s nice.
Julia (8/10) Pretty.
Juliet (10/10) Gorgeous!
Katharina (9/10) I like this.
Katharine (8/10) Katherine would be 10/10.
Lavinia (7/10) I like the nickname Livy..
Lucetta (6/10) Prefer Lucy, Luciana, Lucina, Lucia, etc. to this.
Luciana (9/10) Very nice.
Margaret (10/10) Love this.
Maria (9/10) this is quite pretty.
Mariana (8/10) I like this a lot.
Miranda (8/10) I like this.
Nerissa (6/10) I don’t think it’d work in the real world.
Ophelia (10/10) Classic, gorgeous.
Paulina (7/10) It’s fine.
Perdita (6/10) I dislike the meaning (“lost”)
Phoebe (9/10) Love this.
Portia (6/10) It’s okay.
Regan (5/10) I hate that it’s confused with the masculine Reagan.
Rosalind (10/10) LOVE this.
Silvia (9/10) Prefer Sylvia.
Titiana (7/10) Prefer Tatiana.
Ursula (1/10) What can I say?
Valentine (8/10) My boyfriend was nearly named Mortimer Valentine. Luckily he wasn’t born on his duedate 😉 He’s Mitchell Avery.
Viola (9/10) This makes me think of a very strong woman. Viola Desmond comes to mind.


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