How do you make a name flow?

Posted on: July 4, 2011

  1. Different syllables. Pretend your surname is Wright, which is 1 syllable. Caroline Olive Wright sounds much better than Claire Lynn Wright, Wendy Lila Wright or Jasmine Mae Wright. With a short surname (Brown, White, Smith, Jones, etc.) you want a first and middle name that aren’t 1 syllable. The first name should be 2+ and the middle name should be 2+ but it’d sound best if the first and middle name didn’t have the same amount of syllables. Caroline Olive Wright is 3-2-1, Claire Lynn Wright is 1-1-1, Jasmine Mae Wright is 2-1-1, and Wendy Lila Wright is 2-2-1.
  2. Different sounds. Elijah Micah doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Nor does Elijah Elias, Caleb Cain or Adrian Ryan. You should try to avoid using similar sounds in names. The big no-no’s are usually at the beginning (Elijah Elias, Caleb Cain) or at the end (Adrian Ryan, Elijah Micah) of the names. This goes for surnames aswell, you shouldn’t name your child Alexander Anderson, Adam Addison, James Jameson, Benjamin Bennett, etc. if you want optimal flow.
  3. Same or different “genre”. I don’t really believe in this, but many do. If you’re going to name your son James, don’t name him James Bentley.(because James is classic and Bentley is modern) If you’re going to name your daughter Rose don’t name her Rose Violet. (they’re two colors/flowers) Or, do. It’s up to you. I don’t think a child should have two color names, two flower names, etc. BUT if there is a SUBTLE theme (Silas Kai — Silas means “wood; forest” & Kai means “sea”.. They’re both nature names, but most wouldn’t guess it.) I think it can be cute, without being too cheesy.

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