Name Of The Day: Amabel

Posted on: June 26, 2011

Today’s name of the day is Amabel, I really like the name Annabel so I thought I’d pick something a bit less common but similar. Enjoy!

Gender: Feminine
Usage: English (Rare)
Pronunciation: AM-a-bel

This name is the medieval feminine form of Amabilis which is Late Roman and means “Lovable” in Late Latin.

Names that sound similar to Amabel:

  • Annabel (F; English/Dutch)
  • Amabilia (F; Late Roman)
  • Anabela (F; Portuguese)
  • Anabella (F; Spanish)
  • Anabel (F; Spanish)
  • Mabel (F; English)

Since Amabel has 3-syllables, I think it’d sound best with a 1, 2, or even 4 syllable middle name. Some suggestions are:

  • Amabel Valeria
  • Amabel Kali
  • Amabel Zoe
  • Amabel Sophie
  • Amabel Rose
  • Amabel Hannah
  • Amabel Janine
  • Amabel Lizette
  • Amabel Seraphina
  • Amabel Grace
  • Amabel Eloisa
  • Amabel Olive
  • Amabel Caoimhe
  • Amabel Phaedra
  • Amabel Cora
  • Amabel Gwen

I think Amabel has a lot of potential, but it needs a really good middle name. What you deem to be “really good” all depends on YOUR taste in names, so I tried to come up with different kinds of names for different tastes. If you don’t like any or HATE Amabel, I apologize. Comments welcome! 🙂


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