Name of the day: Micaiah

Posted on: June 19, 2011

I came across a name today that I’d never seen or heard of. I instantly fell in love with it and quickly added it to my list — both lists 😉

Gender: Masculine & Feminine
Usage: Biblical
Pronunciation:  my-KAY-a, mik-EYE-ah

This name comes from the Old Testament and it had belonged to both males and females. It means “Who is like Yahweh?” in Hebrew (more commonly “Who is like God?”) I personally like it for girls and boys but I had to do a masculine name of the day since my last name of the day was Sophie (feminine)… I prefer it on males anyways.  I’d personally pronounce it Mik-eye-a, (eye being pronounced like the letter i or your eye(s).. easy enough.) but I also really like the pronunciation my-KAY-a. I’m sure this is often misspelled and mispronounced, but I still like it. Since I had mentioned the Duggar’s in my last post, Michelle & Jim Bob have a daughter named Jordyn-Grace Makiya.. I would only think Makiya is a form of Micaiah.

Names that sound similar to Micaiah:

  • Micah (M; Biblical/English)
  • Michael (M; Biblical/English)
  • Michaela (F; German/Swedish/English/Czech/Slovak)
  • Mika (M/F; Finnish (masculine) & Japanese (feminine)
  • Mikhah (M; Hebrew)
  • Micajah (M; Biblical)
  • Micha (M; Biblical Greek)
Nicknames for Micaiah:
  • Mickey
  • Mikey
  • Mike
  • Kai
  • McKai/Makai/Macai/MacKai)
  • Caiah/Caia/Kaia (though Kaia is a girls name.)
Micaiah isn’t ranked in the SSA list and hasn’t been in 131 years. I didn’t look back beyond that because well.. It’s not popular let’s just put it that way! Do I love it? YES. After checking they have only listed it as masculine, though they list named that some would only count as masculine as unisex. (ex: Reese — see my name of the day on Rhys for more info) They also have a picture of a baby boy with this name in the “Faces of Micaiah” section.
Some combos I think sound good with Micaiah are:
  • Micaiah Vincent
  • Micaiah Ethan
  • Micaiah Nathaniel
  • Micaiah Rhys
  • Micaiah Jude
  • Micaiah Zachary
  • Micaiah Silas
  • Micaiah Thomas
  • Micaiah Joseph
  • Micaiah Avery
I also think it’d make a wonderful middle name.
  • Nolan Micaiah
  • Caleb Micaiah
  • Landon Micaiah
  • Isaac Micaiah
  • Wilbur Micaiah
  • Andrew Micaiah
  • Garrett Micaiah
  • Oliver Micaiah
I asked Y!A what they thought of the name (see question here:;_ylt=Al8oJ0IFzKXcbeHNwrdm0OXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110618174146AATlLXI ) & some thought it was masculine, while some thought it was feminine. Some thought it was too unique, while others liked it. Everyone has different tastes so we’ll just let the parents decide for themselves 😉
Comments, as always, are welcome!

2 Responses to "Name of the day: Micaiah"

Luca is a legitimate Hungarian girls name, and it is pronounced differently to the boys name.

Hmm.. Well I’ll be sure to edit the original. Thank you for correcting me! 🙂

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