Granduggar: His name is….

Posted on: June 18, 2011

to be announced on 19 Kids & Counting on June 19th 2011!

So far, they’ve left us in the dark about the little man born on June 15th @ 6pm weighing 8 lbs 10z. BUT they have made some good guesses. A few of Josh’s younger siblings have guessed Malachi, Matthew, Levi, & his father asked for another Jim Bob while Michelle thinks he’ll be a little Josh or James after his dad. Jessa said that they were thinking about doing all M’s, or M’s for girls and another letter for boys.. or not at all. It’s completely unknown for now.

The public have made a few guesses aswell. Some of those guesses were Michael, Matthew, Micah, Malachi, Max, Mason, etc. Originally I had made a guess that it would be Mason or something else very trendy because of their daughter’s name, Mackynzie.

I have heard from a few celebrity gossip sites that they have named him Michael James.. however, it hasn’t exactly been proven yet ūüėČ

* Please don’t make rude comments about the Duggar’s, this is a name blog and I won’t stand for any¬†unnecessary¬†negativity.


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