Lists are up & Name of the day!

Posted on: June 13, 2011

I put up my own personal lists in pages. They are titled “Boy names” & “Girl names”.. I haven’t yet put together a top 10, and I’m sure I’ve left some names off of those lists. Today’s “name of the day” is ‘Rhys’

Gender: Masculine
Usage: Welsh
Pronunciation: HREES (Welsh) REES (English)

Rhys means “enthusiasm” in Welsh. Several rulers have bared this name in Wales. You may be more familiar with the more popular spellings Reese & Reece.

Names that sound similar to Rhys:

  • Reed (M; English)
  • Reid (M; English)
  • Ross (M; Scottish & English)
  • Reeve (M; Anglo-Saxon)
  • Remus (M; Roman)
  • Russ (M; English)
Seeing as Rhys is a 1-syllable word with only 4 letters, there aren’t any nicknames for this name.In 2010’s SSA list, Rhys ranked #471 for boys & isn’t in the top 1000 for girls. Reese ranked #492 for boys, & #136 for girls. Reece ranked #434 for boys & wasn’t in the top 1000 for girls. In 2009, Rhys ranked #578 for boys & wasn’t in the top 1000 for girls. Reese ranked #476 for boys & #136 for girls.  Reece ranked #430 for boys & #984 for girls. Although it is on the list for both boys and girls, the name itself it from a masculine Welsh name. Rhys seems to be the most used spelling for boys. Over the years it has made an impact on girls with a few female celebrities, with the most popular spelling for girls being Reese.

Some combos that I think sound good with Rhys are:
  • Rhys Nathaniel
  • Rhys Dominic
  • Rhys Sebastian
  • Rhys Matteo
  • Rhys Oliver
  • Rhys Elliot
  • Rhys Finnegan
  • Rhys Christopher
  • Rhys Zachary
  • Rhys Jeremy
  • Rhys Zachariah
  • Rhys William
  • Rhys Anthony
  • Rhys Uriah
  • Rhys Isaiah
  • Rhys Isaac
  • Rhys Gabriel
Overall, I think since Rhys is a 1-syllable name you are better off to look for a middle name that is 3+ syllables. If the surname is long, perhaps 2 syllables will do the trick. This name has been on my own personal list for about 2 years now, though I prefer it in the middle name slot for my own combos! Comments welcome! 🙂

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