For girls, this is what my new top 50 looks like:

1 Adele Evelyn
2 Audrey Evelyn
3 Clara Evelyn
4 Lila Evelyn
5 Alice Evelyn
6 Amelia Evelyn
7 Rosalie Evelyn
8 Arielle Evelyn
9 Scarlett Evelyn
10 Lucia Evelyn
11 Arabella Evelyn
12 Annabelle Evelyn
13 Alina Evelyn
14 Sophia Evelyn
15 Victoria Evelyn
16 Juliet Evelyn
17 Liana Evelyn
18 Liliana Evelyn
19 Juliana Evelyn
20 Iris Evelyn
21 Gabrielle Evelyn
22 Abigail Evelyn
23 Louisa Evelyn
24 Calla Evelyn
25 Camille Evelyn
26 Charlotte Evelyn
27 Celeste Evelyn
28 Lydia Evelyn
29 Mila Evelyn
30 Mia Evelyn
31 Adeline Evelyn
32 Delilah Evelyn
33 Elizabeth Evelyn
34 Isis Evelyn
35 Julia Evelyn
36 Josephine Evelyn
37 Violet Evelyn
38 Rosalia Evelyn
39 Lucy Evelyn
40 Gemma Evelyn
41 Ainslie Evelyn
42 Aria Evelyn
43 Amelie Evelyn
44 Isabella Evelyn
45 Annabella Evelyn
46 Olivia Evelyn
47 Cora Evelyn
48 Claire Evelyn
49 Arianna/Ariana Evelyn
50 Maisie Evelyn

It could change, I have such picky taste for girls names that some of these might come off by tomorrow.


Today I was staring at my top 25 girls list and I decided that some of those names I’m not really into, or, not into the 2 middle name ones. So I thought, hey, why not just revise it? I’ll get a bit of help from the lovely people over at Y!A and we’ll all be dandy! I won’t add anything to my list that does not have an average of 6/10 or higher. Then, after the top 25 is sorted, I’ll make a top 50 and they have to have an average rating of 5/10. The public are very harsh at judging names, so here goes!

Here is the current top 25: (I’ll update after all the new additions are in place!)

○ Girls:
1 Adele Evelyn
2 Lucia Evelyn
3 Clara Evelyn
4 Alice Evelyn
5 Elena Mae Evelyn
6 Arabella Evelyn
7 Annabelle Evelyn
8 Alina Evelyn
9 Arielle Evelyn
10 Evelyn Mae
11 Audrey Evelyn
12 Gabrielle Evelyn
13 Amelia Evelyn
14 Vivienne Mae Evelyn
15 Emilia Mae Evelyn
16 Abigail Evelyn
17 Iris Evelyn
18 Violet Evelyn
19 Liana Evelyn
20 Juliana Evelyn
21 Celeste Evelyn
22 Hazel Evelyn
23 Evelyn Rosalia
24 Victoria Evelyn
25 Scarlett Evelyn

All 4 of those names are traditionally masculine.. Although our daughter’s mn is going to be Evelyn I try to stay away from traditionally masculine names on girls 😛

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I personally hate it.. 😛 Sorry!

Ask me anything!

My friends name is Kiara. Same pronunciation. Both are variants/misspellings of Chiara which is the Italian form of Clara. 🙂

Ask me anything!

First things first: You’re welcome to build me a home whenever possible 😉
As for the name, I like Sea La Vie, Windswept Estate & Sea Esta if you’re going for a more high-class fancy type name. Kite Tails & Sand Pails is best for a family home name.

Ask me anything!

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